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BOU02 - Circular economy and yachting
Concept of an economic model, an economic model and a technical solution (and application prototyping, web-application …)
Concept de modèle économique, un modèle économique et une ...
BOU03 - Nano Trap


an information system on the danger of micro and nano plastic particles to marine biodiversity and that there is a simple solution.


un système d'information sur le ...
BRE08 - Overwhelmed by time
The aim of the project is to represent in a Virtual Reality helmet the risks of marine submersion in a real environment, certainly a commune in the north of Finistère. The objective is to go further ...
CAD04 - Tourism and aquaculture, an alliance for sustainability
- Definition of sustainability criteria and definitive database contents
- A database with sustainable initiatives related to aquaculture in Cadiz Bay
- A pilot version of an interactive ...
CAW01 - AI for Coral Reefs
The objective of Coral AI’s Hackathon challenge is to use the image data alongside the tabular data (especially the annotation table) to define certain metrics:

The first level of ...
CAW02 - #Hashtag-based donations for (kite)surfers & divers
When users decide to donate through #savelocal, the company uses Instagram’s geo-location to determine where the photo was taken. However, sometimes, users will forget to pin their location and we ...
CAW03 - Exchanging recyclables for health insurance premium
The objective of Soso Care’s Hackathon challenge is to use the available demographics and plastic data in Nigeria to optimise locations of waste management centres so that they are situated in areas ...
CHA01 - Study of the oceans’ heat content
Participants are expected to restitute the scientific problematic, to develop visualization tools adapted to its understanding and calculation of simple parameters showing the link between the ...
CHA03 - GUIHOME: where should I place my tidal turbine?
A new version of GUIHOME tools which includes, at least one of these features:
- larger input files format (open source data)
- addition of temporal speed flow data during positioning ...
CHA04 - Marine mammals IA detection
A Proof Of Concept of a supervised Intelligence Artificial IA for some fish types.
Tool in Python 3.7 or upper.


A dataset of speed wind over a specific area (to be defined) and corresponding maps (though a web app or desktop map) where wind speeds are important.
CHA07 - Deep-deep Blue


Mainly an efficient algorithm, possibly useable as API.
CHA08 - Tiko


Develop a prototype of an app that recognizes a dozen of marine species in real time and provides information on the species scanned and information on ocean issues and how to mitigate their impact.
MEX01 - Recovery of the rivers that drain into the sea
A study prototype on the Balsas River Basin and analysis of the amount of polluting sources in this flow whose mouth lies in the Mexican Pacific, between the States of Michoacán and Guerrero.
MEX03 - A compass to help the ocean
A Web page that gathers information on different NGOs and projects in Mexico that contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems.
NOU02 - Numeric platform for marine sustainability
Digital platform worth PoC on a pilot site, integrating all or part of the targeted data and presenting some initial tools for cross-referencing and valuation
Plateforme numérique ...
NOU07 - Waves, secure coastal shipping for all
We would like to develop a prototype of the application simulating an optimized and secure navigation path. This prototype includes a simplified version of the mobile application and the data ...
NOU10 - Tracking individuals on sub-marine videos
Develop an algorithm able to automatically detect the presence of sharks on video streams
Développer un algorithme en mesure de détecter automatiquement la présence de requins sur ...
SAF01 - Ocean Noise Pollution
The challenge is to create an audio-visual experience that generates awareness of the significant problem of noise pollution in the ocean.
SAF03 - Automated mapping of beach cleanup efforts
The challenge is to map out in time and space beach cleanup efforts and to find correlations between the beach properties, the oceanic and atmospheric conditions so that we can assess the beaching ...
SAF05 - Downscaling Oceanographic Data
The challenge is to develop an algorithm and train deep learning models to downscale oceanographic data from numerical simulations. The overall goal is to then be able to use this algorithm with ...
SAF06 - Solutions to capture plastic pollution
The challenge is to develop a methodology to identify patterns and the origin of abandoned fishing gears so that we traced it and prevent it’s loss.
SAF09 - Real time monitoring of ocean circulation
The challenge is to design a sensor array system for trawl-nets to log and report on the oceanographic conditions in the water column so that we would be able to determine and predict timely, and ...
SAT05 - LaboratorIA
A machine learning system with its hardware
Un sistema de machine learning con su hardware
A smartphone application: simple, didactic, attractive, which is intended to be used for all fishing competitions in France or in other countries, and for all species. An application where a sport ...
SET06 - Art against fishing
Know about law conditions to develop the project
Choose the best place to start it in function of the seabed
SET07- The city of fishes
A proof of concept for developing artistic reefs contributing to the regeneration of fauna and contributing to the preservation of the coastline
A mobile phone application
TOU09 - Stop microplastics on the beach!
We need several things:

First of all, we need to have a detailed knowledge of the currentology of our site (Var Mediterranean)
We would also need to have an idea of the quantity ...
TOU10 - SeaTool = A Real time Seawater Quality Visual Tool
During the 48h hackathon, we propose to develop an interactive tool drawing up different maps of the impact of coastal marine pollution on the marine life thanks to data coming from regular in vitro ...
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