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BOU04: Tourist Office: What about our brochures tomorrow?
Would like to know if numeric tools have less impacts than a paper brochure - do not wan't really a particular application or other. Just explore the subjet of paper brochures tomorrow
BRE04: Mer et Bout'ficelle
l'objectif est de réaliser quelques prototypes de fiches pédagogiques, typiquement 3 ou 4, sur différents thèmes (navigation, équilibre du bateau, propulsion vélique, courant et marée, état de mer, ...
Idéalement, nous aimerions que l'équipe fournisse une architecture de base de données qui fusionne toutes les différentes sources de données (intégration de données provenant d'autant de plateformes ...
CAP02: LOST (Lagrangian Ocean Search Targets)
The objective of this hackathon is to build an interactive data application framework for LOST, enabling users to easily run LOST simulation, visualize the output and retrieve analytics via an API ...
CAP03: MPAs alert system
With the objective of securing symbiosis between MPAs and Small Scale Fishermen, this Challenge consists in developing an alert system demarcating and identifying no-fishing zones and subsequently ...
CAP04: SharkSafe Barrier Design Decision Support System
An interactive digital tool to:
(1) automatically source and group together information currently available on different websites, from a GPS position (2) allow for superimposing to a map the ...
KLD02:  Synchronized traffic application
We would like to develop an application to synchronise the traffic from the port and the citizens of Klaipeda
KLD03: Coastal flood risk alert
Mobile phone application presenting real-time hydrometeorological data of the flood risk area
LAR03: Before sobriety, will we run out of water?
Realization of a dashboard based on water needs on our territory.

Realization of a tool collecting data (satellites, measurements, BRGM, OFB...) to feed the dashboard.

LAR05: Silence in the ocean
A map of areas to be protected from noise pollution according to maritime traffic/port activity
NOU05: GeoBoat and virtual buoys
Create a platform for monitoring recreational activities around areas of ecological interest
NOU07: Ice breaker
machine learning algorithm
SAU01:  Real time coastal uses tracker

Sausalito - San Francisco

An information system and/or set of data
A platform and/or mobile app that could track potential data
SAU02: Quantifying seaweed farms through satellite imagery
We aim to develop a machine learning algorithm or other way to estimate the number and area of seaweed farms in the world from Planet or other high resolution satellite imagery
SAU06: AI for Coral Bleaching

Sausalito - San Francisco

The objective of AI for Coral bleaching challenge is to use the image data and create a computer vision learning model.

The first level of analysis would be to determine the functional ...
TOU05: CloudIA
An interactive tool (recommendation system) allowing the user to find the marine profession that corresponds most to him/her and the associated training.
TOU09: SunTox
We aim to build mathematical models (in python, julia and/or R depending on the team), plus a demo (using jupyter notebooks for instance)
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