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Ocean Hackathon®: an ocean of data!

Research organisations and administrations collect large volumes of data to improve knowledge and support public policy. Ocean Hackathon® is an opportunity to explore the great potential of this data to address social, economic and environmental challenges.

Wherever you participate in the world, you will have access to a variety of datasets to help you tackle the challenges and enrich the prototypes. The event organisers, national data providers and local data providers collect data at small, global and regional scales. Some of the datasets you will have access to Ocean Hackathon® are not normally available for free.

Within the framework of Ocean Hackathon®, many data partners contribute to the provision of data and tools for the teams. This list of partners will evolve in 2023.

Help for participants with navigating the data: The Ocean Hackathon® Data Catalogue

This enables participants to search for data, visualise and access it!  Access to the Data Catalogue will be open during Ocean Hackathon®.

Support for participants and help with using the data: Tutorials and coaches

All our data tutorials and resources are centralised in a private space on the Ocean Hackathon® website that is open to participants during the event.
Data coaches are available both on site and remotely to assist teams. An online Data Coach Centre facilitates contact between coaches and participants.


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eXCELxlsx - 20 Ko

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