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          • You want to participate in Ocean Hackathon® in Cape Town (South Africa)? Pick challenge among the list below and then register to join the team.

            The Cape Town Ocean Hackathon® team inspires and assists innovative impact start-ups and nurture an environmentally conscious and profitable economy that would effectively mitigate the oceans' overexploitation, pollution as well as the effects of global warming on the oceans.
            You recognize yourself in these values?

            The challenges in Cape Town aim at developing:

            • a toolkit to study and save the coral reefs
            • a system to donate to the nearest charity and then protect the places you love
            • a tool to optimize informal waste (e.g. plastics) management activities.
      • Challenges in this city
      • CAW01 - AI for Coral Reefs
        The objective of Coral AI’s Hackathon challenge is to use the image data alongside the tabular data (especially the annotation table) to define certain metrics:

        The first level of ...
        CAW02 - #Hashtag-based donations for (kite)surfers & divers
        When users decide to donate through #savelocal, the company uses Instagram’s geo-location to determine where the photo was taken. However, sometimes, users will forget to pin their location and we ...
        CAW03 - Exchanging recyclables for health insurance premium
        The objective of Soso Care’s Hackathon challenge is to use the available demographics and plastic data in Nigeria to optimise locations of waste management centres so that they are situated in areas ...
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