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It returns in 2025

It returns in 2025

Ocean Hackathon® 2023 Grand Finale: 13 teams from around the world

Ocean Hackathon® 2023 Grand Finale: 13 teams from around the world

Replay of the Ocean Hackathon® 2023 Grand Finale

Replay of the Ocean Hackathon® 2023 Grand Finale

Ocean Hackathon®: a hackathon at the cutting edge of data!

Ocean Hackathon®: a hackathon at the cutting edge of data!


Hackathon 2025


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Ocean Hackathon®: data, an event and an international community

Ocean Hackathon® is a non-stop, 48-hour event where teams develop prototypes and explore their practical applications using marine data. Several months before the event, a call for challenges is issued to gather project proposals from participating towns and cities. The event culminates in a weekend where teams compete, and the top team from each location advances to the International Grand Finale in Brest, France. Winners have the chance to receive prizes sponsored by our Ocean Hackathon® Ambassadors.

Since its inception in 2016 in Brest, Ocean Hackathon® has fostered a growing community about ocean conservation and digital innovation. In 2019, the event expanded to additional locations across France and internationally.


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Ocean Hackathon® is an initiative led by Campus mondial de la mer that promotes collaboration, the adoption of new digital technologies, and an entrepreneurial mindset. The projects developed aim to optimize the utilisation of marine and maritime data, often through innovative reinterpretations. Data providers actively support the event by improving data accessibility and understanding, and they engage in mentoring participants throughout the process.

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The Ocean KAN is a modern, cross-network community that connects people from around the globe who are working to bring together scientists and stakeholders for the co-design of ocean science.



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About our Ambassadors

The Ambassadors view the ocean as a realm of innovation that should be explored, shared, and safeguarded. They recognize the Ocean Hackathon® initiative as a catalyst for fostering new projects and building an international community inspired by marine data. With both national and international reach, some Ambassadors also serve as data providers. They actively support us and honor the top teams at the International Grand Finale podium. Below are the Ambassadors for 2023:

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