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Registration now open: choose your city and join a team!

Registration now open: choose your city and join a team!

Welcome to the Ocean Hackathon® web site

Welcome to the Ocean Hackathon® web site

What is a challenge?

What is a challenge?

Replay of the webinar: Discover Ocean Hackathon® and submit your challenge!

Replay of the webinar: Discover Ocean Hackathon® and submit your challenge!


Hackathon 2023


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Ocean Hackathon®: data, an event and an international community

Ocean Hackathon® 2023 is an Ocean Decade activity.




Ocean Hackathon® is a non-stop, 48-hour event during which teams develop a prototype and reflect on its use. This must be based on marine data. A call for challenges is launched a few months before the event to identify projects on which the teams will compete in each of the participating towns and cities. The event weekend culminates in the selection of the top team, who will compete at the Grand Finale in Brest, France in December 2023 and could win one of the prizes donated by our Ocean Hackathon® Ambassadors.

Since it was first launched in 2016, Ocean Hackathon® has brought together a new community around the ocean and digital environments. Originally based in Brest, it was extended in 2019 to other venues in France and beyond.

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Ocean Hackathon® is an initiative by Campus mondial de la mer which encourages sharing, the use of new digital technologies and an entrepreneurial spirit. The resulting projects enhance the value of marine and maritime data, often by repurposing it. Data providers focus their efforts on improving data accessibility and comprehension and are involved in coaching participants throughout the event.

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Global Community partner


The Ocean KAN is a modern, cross-network community that connects people from around the globe who are working to bring together scientists and stakeholders for the co-design of ocean science.



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About our Ambassadors

The Ambassadors perceive the sea as a field of innovation that must be appropriated but also made known and protected. They see in our approach a tool for the emergence of projects and the opportunity to create an international community whose source of inspiration is marine data. They are national and international in scope, and some are data providers. They are by our side and award the teams on the podium of the Grand Finale.

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