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      • World Ocean Day is a year-round event at the Campus mondial de la mer

      • The Campus mondial de la mer brings together the first French community of maritime innovation open to the world, dedicated to the knowledge and development of marine resources, with the protection of the Ocean as its common thread. It attracts national and international events as well as researchers and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Throughout the year, the Campus mondial de la mer offers events, networking and training. On the occasion of World Ocean Day, we present some of the actions carried out to raise awareness among maritime actors and the general public about ocean preservation.

        The events


        Ocean Hackathon®

        Ocean Hackathon®: for 48 hours non-stop, teams respond to challenges by developing an innovative project that includes a demonstrator and uses various marine and maritime data made available specifically for the event. Every year, teams propose challenges related to the preservation of the ocean. In 2021, for example, 3rd place on the podium was awarded to a team from San Francisco (USA) who worked on a project to map regional and global distributions of "blue carbon" resources, including mangroves, marshes and seagrass beds.  The 7th edition of the Ocean Hackathon® will take place from 2 to 4 December 2022. You can submit your challenge until 3 July in one of the cities participating in the event: www.ocean-hackathon.fr

        Sea Tech Week®

        Sea Tech Week®: international week of marine science and technology, which brings together every two years in Brest more than a thousand experts in various disciplines related to the sea. Sea Tech Week® includes a scientific and technological conference, a trade show, BtoB meetings and convivial networking events. The event is an opportunity for scientists, entrepreneurs, representatives of professional clusters, students... to share the latest advances in R&D, develop their business and build or strengthen international partnerships and collaborations.
        In 2022, the focus will be on more sustainable maritime transport with India as the featured country. Among the topics related to the protection of the oceans: reducing the environmental impact of maritime transport, observing and avoiding marine pollution by new fuels, marine debris or noise, reconciling maritime transport and marine ecosystems, defining more ecological ports, etc. Sea Tech Week® 2022 is labelled as part of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development.
        www.seatechweek.eu from 26 to 30 September 2022 at Brest Expo, France


        Immersion meeetings

        Immersion meeetings: the World Sea Campus organises 3 to 4 Immersion Encounters each year. These events bring together platforms, research laboratories and companies listed in the Portal of Marine Research Infrastructures and Facilities. The last Immersion Meeting was dedicated to Blue Observer, a low-carbon maritime scientific operator. The team leads scientific expeditions with its sailing boat "Iris" and develops responsible innovation projects to improve the understanding, enhancement and preservation of the ocean.
        The next editions will be hosted by the Ecole Navale in October on the theme of performance research, and by the Concarneau Marine Station in December on biomimicry.

        Exceptional events

        One Ocean Summit

        The One Ocean Summit: the first edition of the One Ocean Summit was held in Brest in February 2022. The Campus team and its community of committed actors were mobilised for this event. For two days, a TV set broadcast live quality speakers on various subjects, particularly related to ocean preservation.

        Training courses

        The Environmental Challenges of a Blue Economy training course

        The Environmental Challenges of a Blue Economy training course: organised every year since 2017, this professional training course alternates theoretical lessons, illustrations of operational implementations, practical exchanges and a sea trip. This training is aimed at any French-speaking actor wishing to invest in the sustainable development of coastal and marine territories. Registrations are closed for 2022, but any interested French-speaking person can already contact us for the 2023 edition.

        More broadly, the Campus presents the sea-related training courses of its ecosystem through its portal www.formations-campusmer.fr. A range of training courses for everyone in a number of disciplines including the environment, ocean health and coastal management. Skills to choose a profession that makes sense with the ocean as a common good to be preserved and a solution to energy, health and climate regulation issues.

        The SONAR magazine

        The 6th issue of the international magazine SONAR, published in May 2022, focuses on the preservation of the ocean. Various subjects are covered, such as the challenges of combating maritime pollution (CEPPOL), the European project Preventing Plastic Pollution, which brings together many local players, and the measurement of underwater noise and its impact on marine fauna (Quiet-Oceans and Sercel).

        Through these actions, the World Sea Campus brings together the strengths of the Breton tip with the aim of encouraging meetings and raising the profile of the region. It supports the actions and events organised by the members of its community, particularly in the fields of research, training and entrepreneurship. In this way, it acts throughout the year for the preservation of the ocean.


      • Published on 06/08/2022
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