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      • Who are the 11 Ambassadors of Ocean Hackathon® 2022

      • They perceive the sea as a field of innovation that must be appropriated but also made known and protected. They see in our approach a tool for the emergence of projects and the opportunity to create an international community whose source of inspiration is marine data. They are national and international in scope, and some are data providers. They are by our side and reward the teams on the podium of the Grand Finale.

        We are very glab to announce the 11 Ocean Hackathon® Ambassadors 2022. While ten of them are regulars of the event, we welcome for the first time the CEREMA.


        "Ocean Hackathon® favours the crossing of approaches, of views. It's a bit of a transdisciplinary approach, and it's really something to which Océanopolis is attached", Céline Liret, Océanopolis

        "We are responsible for the surface ocean in terms of observation and forecasting [data available to the participants of the event] and it allows us ti contribute to a well established scientific community", Michel Aïdonidis, Météo France

        "We cant' wait to see where the explosion of creativity of the next Ocean Hackathon® will bring you", Thierry  Schmitt, Shom

        "We are very happy to join the Ocean Hackathon® because we want to ensure that the data is in a way accessible to users, to the participants, to the contenders", Francis Strobbe, EMODnet

        "We consider Ocean Hackathon® to be a formidable tool for mobilising different skills around the same object, the marine environment, and it is an extraordinary source of innovation", Florence Cayocca, French Biodiversity Office

        "I fully support the goals of Ocean Hackathon® in terms of  the environmental, economic ans social challenges to overcome thanks to the power of data", Annick Girardin, French Minister of the Sea


        The 11 Ambassadors:

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      • Published on 04/29/2022
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