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      • Submit your challenge to Ocean Hackathon® to get support for your project!

      • Ocean Hackathon® is the opportunity for you to surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team to make your idea progress during a weekend. The Ocean Hackathon® partners will also bring you their expertise on the use of data and the development of your project. You have until July 3rd to submit your challenge!
      • Develop your project with a team


        In October, registrations will be open and people with a variety of skills, with all levels of experience, will sign up to contribute to the  challenges. Students, but also often employees who are passionate about maritime issues are participating in Ocean Hackathon®, whether they are computer developers, web-designers, data-scientists, lawyers, ecologists or even biologists. It is therefore an opportunity for you to advance your challenge by being surrounded by multiple skills. Of course, you have the possibility to compete with your own team already set up!

        Access data and benefit from the support of coaches


        Each city organizing Ocean Hackathon® asks to experts from its local ecosystem to support the teams during the weekend but also afterwards, if you wish to continue the development of your project.

        Thus, from December 2nd to 4th, coaches will follow the teams and give them advices on the innovative aspect of their project, on the preparation of their pitch or on the development of the economic and social aspects.

        As Ocean Hackathon® is based on the use of maritime data made available by our partners, you will have the tools to access and use the data. You will have the possibility to question coaches from partner organizations present on site or available remotely.

        Many possibilities of challenges on maritime issues

        As an individual or on behalf of your organization, you have until July 3 to submit your challenge in one of the organizing cities around the world. Each year, the challenges cover a very wide spectrum, for example:

        •      The discovery of the marine environment, awareness of the presence of protected species
        •      The interactions between human activities and marine ecosystems
        •     Maritime safety, whether in the context of leisure activities or related to maritime traffic
        •     Role playing games, governance of the sea
        •     The life cycle of projects at sea or the carbon impact of activities
        •     Reduction of plastic and bacteriological pollution, eutrophication, etc.

        Ocean Hackathon® is therefore open to associations, companies, local authorities, research centers and individuals. We are curious to discover your projects!


        I submit my challenge in one of the cities

      • Published on 06/17/2022
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