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      • Ocean Hackathon® 2023: call for challenges underway. But what is a challenge?

      • You have until 30 June 2023 to submit a challenge in one of the Ocean Hackathon® host cities. But what exactly is a challenge? Do you have some examples from the previous edition? Can I submit a challenge? These are recurring questions to which we would like to give you some answers.
      • What is a challenge?

        A challenge is first and foremost an idea related to the ocean, its knowledge, its preservation or the sustainable use of its resources.

        The idea leads to a project which may be very far upstream. In this case, the Ocean Hackathon® will be an opportunity to explore the subject together, with your team members (different and complementary points of view depending on their expertise) and supported by the coaches. The project may also be more mature. In this case, Ocean Hackathon® will give you the opportunity to test it or add a technological component.

        The project leads to a prototype using marine data. Ocean Hackathon® is a "data-centric" hackathon. Data suppliers and the Ocean Hackathon® coordination team will help you to identify the data you might need. Anticipate and be precise for greater efficiency on the d-day. You can also bring your own data.

        Some examples of themes: pollution control, sustainable fishing, aquaculture, preserving the health of ecosystems, maritime history, sustainable tourism, coastal oceanography, education at sea, sustainable maritime transport, art and design, boating and water sports, impacts of climate change, marine energies, safety at sea, etc.

        What were the projects in 2022?

        In 2022, 72 challenges were spread across 12 cities and 8 countries. All the projects can be found in the press kit.

        A look back at the 3 winners of the International Grand Finale:

        The project from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) finishes 1st. A team of students supervised by a researcher from the Saint University of Malaysia is developing an application to predict jellyfish blooms. It is based on time series acquired by the University and supplemented by participatory science.

        The Toulon (France) project came 2nd. A team of diving and marine biodiversity enthusiasts who have developed a diving logbook. In 2021, they were already taking part in the Ocean Hackathon® in Brest.

        Led by CLS Southern Africa, the project from Cape Town (South Africa) came 3rd. The subject was illegal fishing. The prototype is a machine learning application using High Frequency Radar data.

        Who are the challenge owners?

        Challenge owners may be involved for personal reasons or on behalf of their organisation: a company, research centre, training establishment, association, public institution, etc.

        Here are a few examples of organisations that will be taking part in 2022, among the cities that will be taking part in the Ocean Hackathon® in 2023:

        Public institutions: Haut de France Region, Boulogne-sur-mer Tourist Office, New Caledonia Coastal Fisheries Observatory, OceanOPS, Cedre, CEREMA, etc.

        Research and academic centres: Institut de Recherche et d'Enseignement en Tourisme (INRENT), IMT Mines d'Alès, TUM School of Engineering and Design, Campus des métiers de Toulon - Université de la mer, etc.

        Companies: SharkSafe Barrier™, Vidon Propriété Intellectuelle, MarineTech, Bureau d'étude Globocean, CLS Southern Africa, etc.

        Associations: S.M.Aug, The Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation, Before 2050, Blutopia


        Theodore Batik, 3rd in the 2022 Grand Final talks about his Ocean Hackathon® experience

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      • Published on 06/09/2023
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