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Expertises - Thematics
Expertises - Thematics
      • Oceanography

          • 70.8 Musée pour l'océan
            Brest métropole
            Bretagne Développement Innovation
            Capgemini Engineering
            Conseil Départemental du Finistère
            Conseil régional de Bretagne
            Crédit Agricole du Finistère - Filières Mer et Tourisme
            Crédit Maritime Grand Ouest / Banque Populaire Grand Ouest
            Crédit Mutuel Arkéa
            ENSTA Bretagne
            Finistère Mer Vent
            France Energies Marines SAS
            GAIA TERRE BLEUE
            IFM (Institut Français de la mer)
            IFREMER - BREST
            IUEM (UBO/CNRS/IRD)
            Morlaix Communauté
            Pays de Brest
            Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique
            Quimper Bretagne Occidentale
            Quimper Cornouaille développement
            RBR France
            SATT Ouest Valorisation
            Station Biologique de Roscoff - Centre de recherche (CNRS - SU)
            Technopole Quimper Cornouaille
          • Brest, at France’s westernmost Atlantic tip, has always been a gateway to voyages of discovery. It is the ideal location from which to observe the oceans and coasts, to describe and understand them, so as to make best use of them, record any changes and plan for the future. Brest is proud of its history as one of the first sites in the world to observe sea levels systematically, dating back to 1679. The original French Naval Mapping Department, predecessor of today’s Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service (Shom), was established here in 1720.

            With top-flight higher education, the tip of Finistère has grown to become France’s premier research hub for oceanography, and one of Europe’s most dynamic. The Laboratory for Ocean Physics and Satellite Remote Sensing (LOPS) is a joint research laboratory overseen by the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Institute for Ocean Science (Ifremer), the National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD) and the University of Brest. Its researchers observe and study movements in the ocean, their links with the atmosphere, seabed and littoral zone, and influence on sealife. This is a joint research unit that channels Brest’s expertise into research worldwide Shom also contributes to this centre of excellence in operational oceanography, modelling and research.
            Brest is home to ODATIS, a cluster for ocean data, information and services which brings together France’s data management and scientific expertise in oceanography. The academic environment is underpinned by many prestigious higher education establishments, including ENSTA Bretagne engineering school and the French Naval Academy (École Navale). In their slipstream, a whole private-sector ecosystem has emerged with major players Thales, CLS and Naval Group, as well as start-ups moving into data modelling and analysis for the defence sector, marine energy, transport, fisheries and the offshore sector. Coordinating them all are bodies like Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique and France Énergies Marines, the institute for energy transition dedicated to offshore renewable energies.


            Photo: Allison Cusick, Scripps Institution of Oceanography


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