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BRE08 - Overwhelmed by time
The aim of the project is to represent in a Virtual Reality helmet the risks of marine submersion in a real environment, certainly a commune in the north of Finistère. The objective is to go further ...
CAW03 - Exchanging recyclables for health insurance premium
The objective of Soso Care’s Hackathon challenge is to use the available demographics and plastic data in Nigeria to optimise locations of waste management centres so that they are situated in areas ...
CHA01 - Study of the oceans’ heat content
Participants are expected to restitute the scientific problematic, to develop visualization tools adapted to its understanding and calculation of simple parameters showing the link between the ...


A dataset of speed wind over a specific area (to be defined) and corresponding maps (though a web app or desktop map) where wind speeds are important.
SAF01 - Ocean Noise Pollution
The challenge is to create an audio-visual experience that generates awareness of the significant problem of noise pollution in the ocean.
SAF05 - Downscaling Oceanographic Data
The challenge is to develop an algorithm and train deep learning models to downscale oceanographic data from numerical simulations. The overall goal is to then be able to use this algorithm with ...
SAF09 - Real time monitoring of ocean circulation
The challenge is to design a sensor array system for trawl-nets to log and report on the oceanographic conditions in the water column so that we would be able to determine and predict timely, and ...
SAT05 - LaboratorIA
A machine learning system with its hardware
Un sistema de machine learning con su hardware
TOU10 - SeaTool = A Real time Seawater Quality Visual Tool
During the 48h hackathon, we propose to develop an interactive tool drawing up different maps of the impact of coastal marine pollution on the marine life thanks to data coming from regular in vitro ...
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