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      • Ocean Hackathon® 2022: registration open in 12 cities

      • Be part of a challenge team and try to win a place in the Final

        For the 7th edition, 85 challenges have been selected. These challenges aim to better understand and know the world ocean and to contribute to sustainable development while bringing a reflection to the use of data. The challenges also seek to rethink the uses of the sea for a sustainable maritime economy. The main trends in the themes of the challenges are marine science, conservation and protection of the ocean, pollution, climate, fisheries and aquaculture and ports and their environments. There are also challenges that specialise in ecotourism, marine awareness, safety and security at sea, spatial planning, navigation (sailing, diving, etc.), object detection and the circular economy.

        Occasionally, a catalogue of data is available here to filter and search for the challenge that best suits you. 


        The project leaders are looking for talent with a variety of skills to build their teams:

        • IT (development, coding)
        • data management (data science, geomatics, modelling, big data, statistics, image processing, machine learning, cartography, etc.)
        • Web and games (UX, graphic design, mobile application),
        • marine sciences (oceanography, biology, ecology, physics, biotechnology, climate and meteorology, chemistry, environmental sciences, etc.)
        • geography,
        • scientific communication and mediation (education, scientific dissemination, etc.),
        • art (music, dance, photography, etc.),
        • human sciences (law, history, economics, etc.),
        • maritime professions (fishing, seafaring, etc.),
        • marketing,
        • tourism,

        I am interested in joining a team, how do I proceed?

        • Look for the challenges that interest you 
        • On the map opposite, click on the icon corresponding to the city in which you wish to participate.
        • On the web page of the selected city, click on the REGISTER button.
        • Fill in the form


      • Published on 10/06/2022
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