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      • Hytech-imaging: at the heart of innovation

      • The Brest-based company specializing in the acquisition and processing of spectral images is harvesting success and projects.
      • Hytech-imaging: at the heart of innovation
      • Spectral imaging finds its applications

        Hytech-imaging logo

        Launched in 2016 by Marc Lennon and Nicolas Thomas to develop and democratize the various uses of spectral imaging, Hytech-imaging continues its studies and development.
        Whether in the Molène archipelago in Iroise or in the St. Lawrence estuary in Quebec, the company is demonstrating the possibilities of these technologies in terms of mapping foreshore species and habitats or coastal bathymetry.

        The company's R&D is also stimulated by several recently selected projects:

        • By the Brittany Region within the framework of the 7th AAP Experimentation of digital innovations. In connection with the Pelagis Observatory in La Rochelle, Hytech-imaging has deployed the STORMM optical remote sensing system to help census the marine megafauna. This project now enable it to add user functionalities;
        • Also by the Brittany Region and the State as part of the Future Investment Programme, Inno Avenir funding has been obtained in collaboration with Photonics Bretagne and Arvalis in Lannion. This project named QUALIPHEN aims to develop an innovative system of qualified phenotyping by spectral imaging;
        • By ESA BIC NORD France. Hytech-imaging has been selected as meeting the following criteria: originality of the products or services, innovation capacity, and the potential of the project leader;
        • By Shom and the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique in the framework of the HYDRO 3.0 call for proposals. Hytech-imaging aims to develop a complete workflow for processing optical bathymetry data in IHO S-102 format, at high resolution and large scale in QGIS, for applications in coastal environment management or morphodynamic and biodiversity monitoring of shallow waters.

        Another significant step forward for Hytech-imaging is the partnership formed with the company CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites) so that the pooling of their know-how can further develop the use of earth observation data for the benefit of numerous user communities, and in particular to combat pollution in the marine environment.


        Marc Lennon

            "The year 2021 promises to be very dynamic for Hytech-imaging with numerous projects initiated in different fields of use of spectral imaging, large-scale partnerships with public and private institutions, an ongoing internationalisation; but also the strengthening of the team, the acquisition of new equipment, the launch of new operational services... Hytech-imaging is getting structured and enthusiastically continues its pioneering work working towards the democratisation of the growing uses of spectral imaging for mapping and monitoring".



        A company within the ecosystem of innovation

        Accompanied since its creation by the Technopôle Brest-Iroise, Hytech-imaging has taken advantage of the opportunities offered to weave its network.

        Among recent initiatives, Hytech-imaging participates in the SIMPA group (Spectral Imagery for Mapping Applications), a group born in the place of collaborative innovation ALLOHa - an action carried at its origin by the World Sea Campus; this group being animated by the GIS BreTel. In this context, the company was a partner in a student project of the IMT Atlantic (LittoViz).

        As a further sign of its openness to the Campus community, Marc Lennon proposed a challenge (Littodyn) during the Ocean Hackathon® in Brest, with the support of the SIMPA group, on the use of satellite images for a new reading of coastal territories. The work continues with ISEN, UBO and the Regional Nature Park of Armorique (PNRA) in particular.

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        Hytech-imaging's website

        Hytech-imaging's website

        CLS's press release

        CLS's press release

      • Published on 02/26/2021
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