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      • Crédit Agricole du Finistère - Filières Mer et Tourisme

      • Created in 2014, under the impetus of Nicolas Venard, former CEO of Crédit Agricole du Finistère, Filière Mer's mission is to support the growth of Finistère's maritime activities whether related to fishing, boating, maritime renewable energies, aquaculture, biotechnologies....

        "We had carte blanche, but we were also faced with a blank slate.

        To do this, we had to clear this sector (Kurt Salmon Sector Analysis 2014), which was not natural for Crédit Agricole du Finistère. The natural market share being 70% in the agriculture sector.

        "We selected corporate banking advisers interested in this new sector. We then helped them to develop their skills so that they could become local maritime advisers, specialising in supporting maritime-related projects.

        Thanks to the support of the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, a partner from the outset, and the participation of a team of experts grouped together in a Sea Commission, the Filière Mer has now taken its rightful place in the development of the blue economy.
          • Crédit Agricole du Finistère - Filières Mer et Tourisme
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          • 7 route du Loc'h
          • 29555 QUIMPER Cedex 9
          • Office phone 06 76 44 61 87
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Campus mondial de la mer
Technopôle Brest-Iroise
525, Avenue Alexis de Rochon
29280 Plouzané
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  • Brest Métropole
  • Région Bretagne
  • https://www.tech-brest-iroise.fr/
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