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Hackathon 2023
Local edition in Noumea (France)
Nouméa, Nouvelle-Calédonie

The 8th Ocean Hackathon®: from 17 to 19 November 2023

Join a team and tackle a challenge!

Take part at Ocean Hackathon® and enjoy a stimulating experience as you work as a team to develop solutions that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow!

For the 8th edition of Ocean Hackathon®, over 90 challenges have been selected by the organisers of the 15 local events, which will all take place over the same weekend, from 17 to 19 November 2023. The winning team from each city will take part in the international grand final in Brest (France) on 19 December.


The challenges put forward by owners on a personal basis or on behalf of their organisation (research centre, company, local authority, association, etc.) aim to improve our understanding and knowledge of the ocean by rethinking the way the sea is used. In this way, they are working towards a sustainable maritime economy. These challenges incorporate marine and maritime data.

The main themes of the challenges are marine science, conservation and protection of the ocean, pollution, climate, sustainable fishing and aquaculture, ports and the coastal environment. But also ecotourism, raising awareness of the sea, safety and security at sea, spatial planning, navigation (sailing, diving, etc.), detection of objects at sea and the circular economy.

A catalogue of challenges is available to filter and search for the challenge that suits you best in the city in which you want to take part.

Catalogue of challenges


48 hours to tackle a challenge in a team!

To make up their team, the challenge leaders are looking for teammates with a variety of skills in :

  •     IT (development, coding)
  •     Data management (data science, geomatics, modelling, big data, statistics, image processing, cartography, artificial intelligence, etc.)
  •     Web applications (UX, graphic design, mobile applications)
  •     Marine sciences (oceanography, biology, ecology, physics, biotechnology, climate and meteorology, chemistry, environmental sciences, etc.) and geography
  •     Human sciences (law, history, economics, etc.)
  •     Maritime professions (fishing, seafaring, etc.), tourism, etc.
  •     Marketing, communication and scientific mediation (education, scientific dissemination, etc.)
  •     Graphics and design
  •     Art (music, dance, photography, etc.)

Whether you're a 1st year student, a PhD student or an employee, take part in this friendly, collaborative event! Ocean Hackathon® is a unique international event that will enable you to discover a wide range of maritime themes.

I'm interested, how do I go about it?

  •     Discover the catalogue of challenges.
  •     On the interactive map on the left, click on the icon corresponding to the city in which you would like to take part.
  •     On the web page of the selected city, click on the REGISTER button.
  •     Fill in the form, indicating the 3 challenges you prefer!


Do not hesitate to contact the coordination team of Ocean Hackathon®:


En savoir Plus
Ocean Hackathon 2023 Rules - EN

Ocean Hackathon 2023 Rules - ENpdf - 2.01 Mo

Ocean Hackathon 2023 Rules - FR

Ocean Hackathon 2023 Rules - FRpdf - 2.21 Mo

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