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      • 2020 Brest Maritime Festivals

      • July 10-16, 2020

      • Brest

      • Organised by Campus members
      • 2020 Brest Maritime Festivals
        July 10-16, 2020 in Brest, France
      • Attention, in application of the precautionary principle in the face of the Covid 19 epidemic, the event is postponed to a later date.


        The Brest International Maritime Festivals are an opportunity for a wide audience to discover the world of the Sea, boats, different Marines and sailors from all over the world.

        For this 8th edition, rather than invited countries, the visitor will be invited to embark on a round-the-world trip through maritime ports of call: the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans: the Poles. Each stopover will offer a real change of scenery to visitors.

        Each area has its own fleet, of course, but also its own gastronomy, music, entertainment programme... All these discoveries will allow you to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of each stopover. Exchange times between the various ports of call will be organised so that this 8th edition will be dedicated to the dialogue between maritime cultures and visitors.

        These stopovers will be the subject of a differentiated scenic treatment, allowing the public to be immersed in very varied atmospheres that will invite them to travel and discover the richness: maritime traditions, traditional maritime construction methods, cultures, music and songs, crafts, gastronomy... but also the scientific, environmental and climatic challenges specific to each of these large spaces.


        This next edition will be a return to the origins as to the place and visibility given to boats and heritage actors.

        Thanks to the enhancement of know-how: techniques, old trades or traditions around traditional maritime activities such as the exploitation of seaweed, marine carpenters, riggers, sailboats....

        These dockside events will be opportunities to raise public awareness of the interactions between land and oceans, they will also make it easier for visitors to read, and will provide greater opportunities for the public to meet with stakeholders in the various sectors of the maritime world.

        Closely linked to the resources of the maritime environment, these skills, some of which have been present for centuries, are a universal tangible and intangible asset, and it is also the role of the Brest Maritime Festivals to highlight them.

        The ocean, the engine of climate

        The oceans play an essential role for the planet. In July 2020, the Ocean and its challenges will be at the heart of the Brest 2020 International Maritime Festivals.
        Celebrating the ocean as a link between peoples, but also as a driver of climate, exploring meaningful solutions for the future is also the 2020 version of the Maritime Holidays!

        Meetings between the public and stakeholders from the various maritime sectors will raise public awareness of the interactions between land and oceans and the best practices to be implemented to limit environmental and climate impacts.

        Marine science is essential to understand and monitor the evolution of the oceans, predict their health status and inform decisions towards the goal of sustainable development. The International Maritime Festivals are also a showcase for the talent of the 730 marine science and technology researchers at the tip of Brittany, a centre of excellence in this field.
        For scientists, this gathering is an opportunity to share the results of their research with as many people as possible.

      • Published on 23/11/2019
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