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      • Local edition in Noumea (France)

          • Local edition in Noumea (France)
          • Cluster Maritime de la Nouvelle-Calédonie (CMNC)
            34 rue du Général Gallieni
          • 98800 Nouméa, Nouvelle-Calédonie
          • France
          • Sébastien Mérion / Tikiwaka.com

            Who organises the local edition in Nouméa?

            The New Caledonian Maritime Cluster (CMNC) is an association dedicated issued from the private sector and aiming to gather and federate all actors dealing with maritime topics in order to favorize set up of common projects and development of economical activities for its members.

            Its missions:

            • Identify maritime challenges and structuring projects for the territory
            • Facilitate link with institutions on behalf of the New Caledonian maritime community
            • Favorize development and intergration in a regional dynamic

            To do so, the CMNC works through working droups dealing with several prioritized topics such as energy, tourism, bioresources, excellence center, infrastructures, spatial planification, etc…

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