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      • French Embassy in Mexico - Institut français d'Amérique latine (IFAL)

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            About us

            France is developing a wide variety of activities in Mexico, on the political, commercial and cooperation levels. The functional organisation of the Embassy reflects this range of competencies.

            Scientific cooperation with Mexico has a dual purpose:

            • to work with Mexico on research themes of common interest to both countries, particularly in the fields of development and global issues ;
            • to strengthen the attractiveness and internationalisation of French research, in the service of our country's competitiveness.

            France is today Mexico's third scientific partner (in terms of the number of co-publications) and one of the major partners in the human sciences. Numerous joint research projects have been set up over the last few decades and cover a wide range of scientific fields, from archaeology, astronomy, agronomy, mathematics, material sciences to health, anthropology, bio and nanotechnologies... These joint research projects mobilise Mexican and French researchers from a wide variety of institutions (institutes, research centres and laboratories, universities...) and always benefit from joint financial support from both countries or from other funding agencies (European Union in particular).

            In this context, the action led by the scientific cooperation department of the French Institute for Latin America - IFAL aims to:

            • as a priority to help the emergence of new collaborations of excellence (research projects, joint research structures, agreements between institutes and/or universities, thematic networks, doctoral mobility, R&D projects...);
            • to have an incentive and initiating effect with regard to the actors without claiming to replace them.

            IFAL organised Ocean Hackathon® in 2019 and 2020.


Campus mondial de la mer
Technopôle Brest-Iroise
525, Avenue Alexis de Rochon
29280 Plouzané
  • Brest Métropole
  • Région Bretagne
  • https://www.tech-brest-iroise.fr/
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