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      • Cluster Maritime Nouvelle-Calédonie

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            About us

            The Cluster Maritime Nouvelle-Calédonie (CMNC) is an association founded in 2014 and gathering almost 100 members.

            In addition to the need to increase awareness of the importance of the sea in New Caledonia, the CMNC's vocation is to federate and support its members (both active or associate) around new projects, and to increase economical activity linked with maritime, sea and Ocean.

            Acting as a facilitator and central point for such thematic, it averall belongs to a global maritime community and ecosystem composed by several entities such as its members, both public and private, or even other local thametical organisations around innovation and digital.

            To name a few that will be directly involved in this Ocean Hackathon® 6:

            • University of New Caledonia (UNC), in the name of the local Research consortium CRESICA, including for example IFREMER and IRD through their local antennas;
            • OPEN, the digital cluster;
            • Innovation Pole of ADECAL (supporting startups through incubator or accelerator);
            • NC French Tech, gathering and representing the local innovation community;
            • New Caledonian Government, mainly through its Digital Direction (DNUM), but not only;
            • NC THEIA RAN, local animation dedicated to geomatics and spatial imagery;
            • SHOM with its local antenna, national navy service dedicated to hydrography and oceanography;
            • Etc.


Campus mondial de la mer
Technopôle Brest-Iroise
525, Avenue Alexis de Rochon
29280 Plouzané
  • Brest Métropole
  • Région Bretagne
  • https://www.tech-brest-iroise.fr/
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