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            CEEI Bahía de Cádiz and the Andalusian Aquaculture Technology Centre, CTAQUA, in collaboration with the University of Cádiz, the Navantia Training Centre, in the framework of the Access2Sea Project, are organizing the 2021 edition of Ocean Hackathon® in San Fernando - Cadiz.

            Topics of the Challenges in San Fernando Cádiz

            On this edition, the topics of the challenges that have been selected to participate in the Ocean Hackathon® 2021 in San Fernando, have a direct relation with Marine Cultivation, Aquaculture and Sustainability.

            The criteria to select challenges in San Fernando Cadiz will be:

            • To have a direct relation to the sea
            • To prove its innovation / originality
            • To be linked to the preservation of the sea
            • To have a direct link with marine cultivation, Aquaculture and sustainability
            • To agree to the Ocean Hackathon® rules
            • The challenge owner will have to commit him/herself to be present during the course of the celebration of the Ocean Hackathon® 2021 in Cádiz.

            Which challenge would you like to tackle?

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            San Fernando - Cadiz has hosted Ocean Hackathon ® in 2020 [More information].

            San Fernando - Cadiz partners
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