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          • You want to participate in Ocean Hackathon® in San Francisco (USA)? Pick challenge among the list below and then register to join the team.

            The City by the Bay hosts for the 1st time Ocean Hackathon®, a great opportunity to work jointly with local and international communities interested in data, oceanography and innovation for a more sustainable ocean.

            The challenges are very various and related to:

            • Ocean noise pollution
            • Sustainable fishing
            • Beach cleanup mapping
            • Prefab design adapted to sea rise and coastal floods
            • Data treatement applied to oceanography



      • Challenges in this city
      • SAF01 - Ocean Noise Pollution
        The challenge is to create an audio-visual experience that generates awareness of the significant problem of noise pollution in the ocean.
        SAF03 - Automated mapping of beach cleanup efforts
        The challenge is to map out in time and space beach cleanup efforts and to find correlations between the beach properties, the oceanic and atmospheric conditions so that we can assess the beaching ...
        SAF05 - Downscaling Oceanographic Data
        The challenge is to develop an algorithm and train deep learning models to downscale oceanographic data from numerical simulations. The overall goal is to then be able to use this algorithm with ...
        SAF06 - Solutions to capture plastic pollution
        The challenge is to develop a methodology to identify patterns and the origin of abandoned fishing gears so that we traced it and prevent it’s loss.
        SAF09 - Real time monitoring of ocean circulation
        The challenge is to design a sensor array system for trawl-nets to log and report on the oceanographic conditions in the water column so that we would be able to determine and predict timely, and ...
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