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            In New-Caledonia, the sea represents 98% of the territory. The marine assets, the diversity of the environment and the exceptional biodiversity offer undeniable riches that allow the economy to diversify in a blue economy approach. Let's set a course towards sustainable development!

            The challenges are related to sustainable activities: fisheries, tourism, navigation (mooring, traffic management) while monitoring the ecosystems health (including reefs) and the Human activities. In addition, shark detection and risk assessment as well as El Nino impact study are subject of challenges specific to the territory.

      • Challenges in this city
      • NOU02 - Numeric platform for marine sustainability
        Digital platform worth PoC on a pilot site, integrating all or part of the targeted data and presenting some initial tools for cross-referencing and valuation
        Plateforme numérique ...
        NOU07 - Waves, secure coastal shipping for all
        We would like to develop a prototype of the application simulating an optimized and secure navigation path. This prototype includes a simplified version of the mobile application and the data ...
        NOU10 - Tracking individuals on sub-marine videos
        Develop an algorithm able to automatically detect the presence of sharks on video streams
        Développer un algorithme en mesure de détecter automatiquement la présence de requins sur ...
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