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          • You want to participate in Ocean Hackathon® in Mexico (Mexico)? Pick challenge among the list below and then register to join the team.

            Mexico and France work together on research themes of common interest such as the ocean. Mexico was the first international city which took up the challenge of Ocean Hackathon® in 2019. In 2019 and 2020, they were on the podium of the Grand Finale. Ready to play again for a more sustainable ocean?

            The challenges are related to environmental issues: pollution (inputs from rivers, marine litters and plastics), global change (acidification), algal bloom understanding and awareness, risks (tropical cyclone warning), and better understanding of stakeholders involved in ocean preservation.
            Topics such as swell energy and leisure maritime activities are also the subject of challenges.

      • Challenges in this city
      • MEX01 - Recovery of the rivers that drain into the sea
        A study prototype on the Balsas River Basin and analysis of the amount of polluting sources in this flow whose mouth lies in the Mexican Pacific, between the States of Michoacán and Guerrero.
        MEX03 - A compass to help the ocean
        A Web page that gathers information on different NGOs and projects in Mexico that contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems.
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