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          • You want to participate in Ocean Hackathon® in Champs-sur-Marne (France)? Pick challenge among the list below and then register to join the team.

            Champs-sur-Marne Ocean Hackathon® team comes back after a first successful experience in 2019. In this city, no sea but many ideas!

            The challenges are related to:
            - Global change
            - Hydrocarbons pollution
            - Tidal energy
            - Marine mammals
            - Windspeed mapping for navigation safety
            - Coastal bathymetry
            - Innovative visiting experience in aquariums

      • Challenges in this city
      • CHA01 - Study of the oceans’ heat content
        Participants are expected to restitute the scientific problematic, to develop visualization tools adapted to its understanding and calculation of simple parameters showing the link between the ...
        CHA03 - GUIHOME: where should I place my tidal turbine?
        A new version of GUIHOME tools which includes, at least one of these features:
        - larger input files format (open source data)
        - addition of temporal speed flow data during positioning ...
        CHA04 - Marine mammals IA detection
        A Proof Of Concept of a supervised Intelligence Artificial IA for some fish types.
        Tool in Python 3.7 or upper.
        CHA05 - METEOWIND
        A dataset of speed wind over a specific area (to be defined) and corresponding maps (though a web app or desktop map) where wind speeds are important.
        CHA07 - Deep-deep Blue
        Mainly an efficient algorithm, possibly useable as API.
        CHA08 - Tiko
        Develop a prototype of an app that recognizes a dozen of marine species in real time and provides information on the species scanned and information on ocean issues and how to mitigate their impact.
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