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      • TOU10 - SeaTool = A Real time Seawater Quality Visual Tool

          • The world's coastal population is constantly growing, implying an increase in the anthropogenic impact on the coastal marine environment. This growth not only leads to the development of heavy infrastructure (hotels, housing and harbour) but also to an increase in seawater pollution from various sources such as oil, plastics and sunscreens. This problem affects all the world's oceans and seas and more particularly the Mediterranean, which receives 30% of world tourism. In view of this, there is an urgent need to assess the impact of anthropogenic activities on coastal marine organisms and to help develop eco-responsible products in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, construction and plastics industries in order to limit the release of toxic substances into the marine environment. In addition, it is imperative today to be able to provide local authorities, in charge of monitoring their coastal environment and society a tool for visualizing the level of coastal pollution impacting the marine ecosystem.  

            The team behind this project has developed an innovative and non-invasive process for the analysis of the impact of pollutants on the marine biotic environment. This process consists of an in vitro cytotoxicity test on primary cultures of marine organisms: animal cells and microalgae.
            The Hackathon challenge is to develop a visual map tool of the coastal seawater pollution crossing physical and biological metadata."

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • During the 48h hackathon, we propose to develop an interactive tool drawing up different maps of the impact of coastal marine pollution on the marine life thanks to data coming from regular in vitro seawater monitoring completed by oceanographical, and geographical metadata.
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • IT developer
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