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      • SPL03 - Fishing for pleasure: at what cost?

          • Recreational fisheries are rapidly developing on a global scale. The Mediterranean, as world's leading tourism destination, is very popular among recreational fishers. Although it has many social, economic and public health benefits, it comes with a number of issues that raise questions over its long-term sustainability, including pressure on fish resources, habitat degradation, biodiversity loss, social conflicts and pollution.

            Recreational fishing has been shown to be an important component of fishing mortality across the globe. The EU broadly estimates that recreational fishing represents more than 10% of the total production of all fishing. It involves many different techniques and targets a broad range of taxa (finfish, shellfish, crustaceans etc). The impact of certain recreational fishing methods on vulnerable species is a major concern. Other potential impacts include the introduction of exotic species used as bait, pollution from fishing gear lost or abandoned at sea, and damage to sensitive habitats.

            Despite its popularity, recreational fishing is not yet properly assessed and managed at either a European or Mediterranean level. The lack of data is particularly striking in southern European countries, where recreational fisheries are booming. This makes it very difficult to understand the real effect of marine recreational fisheries and consequently better control and regulate this activity.

            MORE AT:  https://bit.ly/3clW8FM

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          • Mobile App
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          • UX/UI Designer
            IT developper
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