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      • SPL01 - Protection of shelfish farms from sea breams

          • Sea breams (Croatian: orada) are known to inflict huge losses to shellfish farmers, somewhere shellfish farmer have experienced losses up to 50% due to shellfish consumed by this fish.
            This is a known problem in all seas, especially in the Mediterranean and Adriatic. Current techniques trying to minimize the damage done by sea breams are inefficient, with high costs.
            This new method is different and patented. Shellfish farms are protected by a network of sonars which can locate correct location of the fish. Central computer then uses an algorithm to calculate best method and play series of different sounds with different frequencies and amplitudes, imitating the approach of an unknown predator. Sea bream senses sounds and vibrations from multiple directions, scaring it away from eating shellfish into defence mode, waiting or running away from a potential danger. We aim to reduce the loss percentage of the shellfish by scaring the sea breams away from the farms imitating predators with different and unique patterns.

            Our solution implements sonars, computer units, sound systems and cables required to cover entire shellfish farm, with operational software and regular updates. We'll also note all information about shellfish farm like water temperature, weather parameters as well as created responses and detections.

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • Detection software and sound algorithm.
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Programming skills
            Sound recording and editing
            Data storage
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