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      • SET05 - Participatory THAU Eco-Tour

          • SET05 - Participatory THAU Eco-Tour
            • Ardam
          • Sète

          • Organisation
          • ARDAM
          • Parc Technologique et Environnemental
            Route des Salins
            34140 MEZE
          • How can inhabitants take ownership of the territory beyond remarkable Natural Areas in the context of eco-mobility and respect biodiversity issues? 


            1. Identify and map the remarkable Natural Areas as well as the transfer zones to promote the sharing of space and the discovery of the territory (landscape, point of view, geology, fauna, flora, agritourism, heritage, curiosity ...);
            2. Promote soft mobility so we can respect the allocated spaces by its inhabitants and reduce environmental issues;
            3. Develop a digital tool which allows personalizing travel proposals according to the filters and locations selected (selection of points of interest, mileage, etc.);
            4. Allow residents to feed the application's database (suggest new GPS points of interest) which will promote the diversity of views and sensitivities;
            5. Advertise (and communicate about )the tool via various places (office of tourism…) or platforms (Facebook…) so the users can use the bank of locations/points of interest and the soft mobility routes that have been listed by inhabitants/others users and complete it.
          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • A mobile phone app
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • App creator
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