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      • SET03 - Evaluation of the cost/benefice ratio for a new large-scale multi-purpose Artificial Reef

          • Given the current and future impacts of climate change, natural hazards and anthropic pressure on marine ecosystems in shallow water and sand beach systems, LINEUP OCEAN develop a new kind of multi-functional ultra-porous artificial reefs for wave attenuation, ecological restoration and sustainable tourism development, in collaboration with Geosciences and LMGC laboratories of Montpellier University and the GLADYS University Institute of Beaches.

            This new generation of multi-purpose artificial reefs is built using a recent large-scale 3D printed technology coupled with bio-based material, allowing to considerably improve the potential of shallow water ecosystem biomimicry and so deliver the ecosystem key services in order to response of the twenty-one century coastal problematics.

            After a first step of research and development for characterization of the wave attenuation and topological optimization at the unit-scale and large-scale reef structures, LINEUP OCEAN would like to evaluate the cost/benefice ratio of his own reefs in case of an simulated implantation of a large-scale eco-concepted dispositive on typical configuration of Occitanie sand beach, integrating the direct and indirect benefices from biotic and abiotic reefs performances in order to a socio-economical valorization for regional politics and collectivities of the coastline.

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • An algorithm or worksheet of cost/benefice ratio evaluation for LINEUP OCEAN multi-scale artificial reefs projects
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Marine biologist
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