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      • SAF01 - Ocean Noise Pollution

          • Problem : Sound is a major factor of life in the ocean and yet the imbalance caused by human made (anthropogenic) sound is significantly impacting ocean ecologies. In a largely dark environment, ocean life uses sound to communicate, navigate and feed, yet these fundamental functions are compromised when high levels of noise are present, from sources such as shipping, oil drilling, naval tests and fishing practices. In the last few years this problem has gained increasing attention but is still relatively unknown in comparison to other forms of ocean pollution.

            Situation & idea: Imagine an entwined sonic future of humans and ocean creatures. The pandemic-induced ‘anthropause’ in human activity, when oceans and land became suddenly and significantly quieter, offered both a window into possible sonic futures, and importantly, an opportunity to reflect back and hear ourselves more clearly. This challenge starts with two questions. Can the creative use of sound/listening be used to increase awareness of ocean noise pollution? Can this lead us to solutions to decrease and mitigate the impact of ocean noise pollution? Addressing this topic requires an interdisciplinary approach to research and collaborative, creative problem solving, using sound itself to create awareness and propose solutions.


          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • The challenge is to create an audio-visual experience that generates awareness of the significant problem of noise pollution in the ocean.
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Sonification
            Audio editing and analysis
            Visualization and/or geolocation
            Experience with WebAudio API
            Art and Design
            Marine biology (cetaceans)
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