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      • MEX07 - Bloom Buster: a game to understand the causes and consequences of algal blooms.

          • Create a collaborative game (that is to say, the players must collaborate with each other and not compete with each other) that encourages reflection on algal blooms: the factors that generate them and the harmful effects they cause on the environment and human activities. The elements of the game must be based on real scientific data from the study area.

            The game must be delivered in digital format, it can be a board game, narrative game (Role) or video game. If it is a board game, it must be downloadable in Print & Play format and playable on the Tabletopia platform. In the case of being a narrative game (Role), it must be able to be downloaded in PDF format and played either through communication platforms such as D20, Discord, Zoom, Meet, among others. In the case of a video game, it is suggested that the output format be HTML.

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • Create a board game, role-playing game, or video game
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Programmer (unity, unreal engine)
            Graphic designer
            Digital illustrator
            Game designer
            Narrative Specialist
            Marine biologist
            Marine chemicals
            Specialist in algal blooms
            Data analyst
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