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      • MEX03 - A compass to help the ocean

          • At least once, we have thought about how to help the oceans and how to help preserve them. Some of the questions that go through our heads are: Where to start? Where to go? What cause to support? Do I do it alone or with more people? The list of questions is endless.

            Thinking about it is complicated, then a question arises: people, companies and institutions with the interest and motivation to preserve the ocean, but without a guide or compass.

            The solution to this question would be to carry out a search, navigating the large amount of information can represent a problem: How to filter all that information? How to choose the best option for our case?
            All this coupled with two important factors:

            - Lack of trust and credibility in projects and NGOs.
            - Not having knowledge about how to donate, either resources or time.

            The main objective to solve, of this challenge, will be to create a website to collect information from various projects in the country that help the oceans, explain their main characteristics and the results that will be generated with the donation of resources or time. You will also need to find an ingenious solution to explain to individuals, businesses and organizations the process for donating and contributing to projects.

            Thanks to this exercise, those interested will be able to have a compass to choose the best project that suits their place of residence and the way in which they can donate.

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • A Web page that gathers information on different NGOs and projects in Mexico that contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems.
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Knowledge in NGO
            Web development
            Marine biology
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