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      • MEX01 - Recovery of the rivers that drain into the sea

          • The problem of ocean pollution is not only associated with the activities we carry out on the coasts and offshore, but is also influenced by the disposal of pollutants in the riverbeds that flow into the sea.
            Taking into account that a river, on its way to the sea, runs through various reliefs and crosses different types of soil, it is influenced in its channel by microclimates and the presence of vegetation (in the elimination or attenuation of some pollutants in a natural way). It is essential to analyze the location of the polluting sources (from towns to the economic activities carried out in the proximity).

            On the other hand, municipal development plans must consider the intrinsic need to care for natural resources for the well-being of future generations, taking into account that (in the case of bodies of water that drain to other communities) it is essential to ensure that the water is of sufficient quality for its use.

            The challenge called "Recovery of the rivers that drain into the sea" requires multidisciplinary visions focused on solving social problems with innovation in community organization and education. It also requires technicians to support the generation of information on the physical environment, for the identification of sites that require immediate actions for their recovery.

            We want to change the erroneous vision that we have created of rivers, as a band of waste that transports them to the place of final disposal (the sea) and we will achieve this through the knowledge of the environmental impact that we create. We want to develop a website for consultation and interaction between specialists and the government, as well as to promote knowledge of the factors that influence the general problem of pollution and, subsequently, to identify the standards we need for the recovery of our rivers. In the particular case of this Ocean-Hackathon 2021 we will work with the Balsas River.

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • A study prototype on the Balsas River Basin and analysis of the amount of polluting sources in this flow whose mouth lies in the Mexican Pacific, between the States of Michoacán and Guerrero.
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • - Masters in Geography or hydrogeology (who know how to handle geographic information systems)
            - Economists (familiar with consulting INEGI databases)
            - Natural resource managers
            - Environmental Engineer who has a perspective in hydroelectric
            - Territorial planners: Government personnel who wish to contribute on policy issues for territorial planning, water management and municipal development are invited to join the company.
            - Website developer
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