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      • LRO07 - Towards a participatory tool for the development of aquaculture || vers un outil participatif pour le développement de l'aquaculture

          • The development of sustainable aquaculture is a European and national political priority aimed at reducing the very strong dependence of European countries on imports of aquatic products. One of the levers identified by the European Commission consists in developing spatial planning tools specific to aquaculture. France has access to knowledge in the form of a geographic portal. The latter and the data it hosts use ESRI services.

            One of its main objectives is to give visibility to aquaculturists and to create the conditions for the sustainable development of their activity. As such, it constitutes a data resource center for all stakeholders. The project must continue and be enriched with a tool allowing marine stakeholders to create scenarios to identify the best aquaculture locations and thus develop sustainable aquaculture.

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • The team must develop a participatory tool offering the following functionalities:

            • Automatic extraction of data in the form of dashboards (pdf, web pages) generated by geographic selection;
            • Entering areas suitable for the development of aquaculture;
            • Completion of forms justifying the choices;
            • Consultation of suitable areas studied by other users.

            Development can be based on ESRI technologies or on open source tools. For information, the team will be able to rely on a tool already in use (zip provides that it will be possible to deploy)
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Data analyst
            IT developper
            Web developper
            Geomatic expert
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