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      • LRO05 - Develop simple naval equipment that can capture heavy metals dissolved in Oceans || développer des équipements navals simplespour capter les métaux lourds dissous dans les océans

          • Technological tool capable of capturing heavy metals dissolved in the oceans in order to spare ecosystems. Ideally, this tool would correspond to a standard installation in boats.

            • define technologies capable of responding to this objective passively *
            • adapt these technologies to the targeted media (naval, nautical, submerged structures)
            • develop theoretical prototypes and their description
            • characterize their production (technological incubators, necessary industrial capacity, costs, etc.)
            • define areas of use: from micro - within a given geographic landscape (ports, basins, etc.) to macro - transnational or transcontinental (rivers, coastal strips, etc.)

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • • determine the physicochemical mechanisms capable of fixing heavy metals dissolved in seawater (osmosis, polymerization, etc.)
            • determine materials or technologies capable of activating these mechanisms (natural or synthetic materials, nanotechnologies, objects, machines, etc.)
            • bring together already existing technologies in physico-chemical water pollution control
            • characterize the naval and nautical constraints in terms of environment and equipment (oxidation, electrolysis, etc.)
            • develop one or more prototypes by describing their characteristics
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Ecotoxycologist
            Materials science engineer
            Construction engineer
            Naval architect
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