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      • LRO04 - Raise awareness of micro-waste collection on beaches || recyclage des micro et macro déchets des plages

          • How the App works:
            On an interactive map, participants will be able to post photos of their activities on the beach (sports activity, walk) while showing the micro-waste that they may have collected during their activities.

            The beaches can be classified according to their pollution rate in terms of micro-waste (ex: from green to red)
            Users can be informed about the consequences of this waste in the ocean (how this waste ends up on the beach, its impact on the fauna and flora of the sea and the coast)

            Micro waste:
            - Q-tips
            - Small pieces of net
             - Bottle caps
            - Polystyrene
            - Plastic balls
            - And various objects of this size

            To boost the application:
            - In the form of a game / competition, raise awareness of the collection of micro-waste:

            For young chldren:  Take a picture of themselves collecting micro-waste, drawing lots to win prizes that can be agreed with the participating town halls (place to visit a monument or to access a park)
            For older children:   Also with the photos, rewards for the most A-typical photo.
            During the summer:  with the arrival of tourists, publicize the application and involve the town halls attached to the beaches. Organize an event on the topic of waste to raise awareness of the impact of micro-waste during the summer period.

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • A game on an app
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Oceanographer
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