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      • KUL02 - Digital Marine Fish Stocks: Distributed System for Monitoring Overfishing and Underfishing in Ocean

          • Overfishing in the ocean is a very specific problem depending on place and time, implying any overfishing and the loss of its marine biodiversity as well as threats to particular fish species. For example, the Chinese paddlefish became extinct due to overfishing. Overfishing in the ocean in the past has led to the decline of some fish species (fish-decreasing), which has had a negative impact on the marine ecosystem. Underfishing is critical to preserving marine biodiversity. We have studied that a real-time-based digital application is needed for monitoring fish-decreasing as well as overfishing and underfishing of marine fish which we feel is lacking. In order to protect the marine fish diversity and properly maintain the fish-based economy of coastal people, it is necessary to have real-time Fish-Stocks software through which Overfishing and Underfishing can be monitored at different times in different areas, which is currently a big challenge. Based on this challenge, we proposed the "Digital Marine Fish Stock" model where the data of fish caught by fishermen in different areas is stored in a central cloud server database by accessing software applications set in different areas, and a central monitoring team can monitor monthly or weekly overfishing and underfishing through the software. It is possible to get an immediate warning of overfishing for specific fish by setting the formula at the computer programming level of the proposed model.

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • Create a desktop based application
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • IT developer (Java, MySQL), app developer, data scientist, data visualization specialist, distributed systems expert, marine fisheries expert, natural traveller
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