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      • CAD04 - Tourism and aquaculture, an alliance for sustainability

          • Design a pilot database for an interactive tool that connect tourist and/or locals to sustainable aquaculture initiatives developed in Cadiz Bay. The idea is to bring the concept of blue tourism and ethical/sustainable consumerism closer to the population and tourists and provide tools to the users to choose a more sustainable way to enjoy the city. 

            As an example, among the sustainability and aquaculture initiatives that we aim to map are:

            • Infrastructure of the aquaculture industry with environmental friend features such as solar panels, rainwater collection, etc 
            • Programs of marine litter (macro and micro) monitoring associated with aquaculture activities
            • Use of sustainable packages to transport aquaculture products
            • Practices that maintain cultural heritage (archaeological remains) and flora and fauna in protected areas
            • Information on cultural/social aspects of the company: good practices that promote respect, inclusion, diversity, and collaboration among employees
          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • - Definition of sustainability criteria and definitive database contents
            - A database with sustainable initiatives related to aquaculture in Cadiz Bay
            - A pilot version of an interactive tool that connects tourists and/or locals to sustainable aquaculture initiatives developed in Cadiz Bay
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Data scientist with database creation knowledge
            People with local knowledge about aquaculture and/or tourism.
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