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      • CAD01 - Ocean's not a marketplace: We are

          • Aquaculture, due to lack of understanding, harbours serious stigmas. Education regarding the range of various methods that can be adopted, along with raising society's awareness of the high quality of the harvest achieved, and its resulting environmental advantages for our seas and oceans, must provide the basis for developing new consumption habits. We’d be an optimal platform, under the framework of a marketplace, for sustainable small‐scale growers to reach their target audience and boost their customer share, through two clearly differentiated objectives:


            • A B2B channel to reach conscious retailers
            • A B2C network to facilitate access to individuals


            • On the foundation of reliable data, the platform would offer contrasted and statistically accurate information on the impact of aquaculture farming production in opposition to that of the exploitation of wild species, as well as on the ecological footprint, based on indicators and responses to topics like:
              • Impingement on biodiversity
              • Effect on ecosystems
              • Sustainability performance indices
              • Carbon footprint of the logistics chain
              • Implications for local communities
              • Threats to equity, trade and food justice
            • Overcome the widespread perception of poor quality of aquaculture products, educating on the differential keys
            • Create consumer engagement in the breeding process and the implications for the people and communities of origin, and for the environment through the union of multiple forms of communication
          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • The development and integration of data dashboards into a website
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Data analysts
            Aquaculture expertise
            Environmental footprint analysts
            Food Logistics knowledge
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