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      • BRE09 - An AI for KOSMOS

          • KOSMOS, or Kit d'Observation Sous-Marine Open Source, is a system developed by a group of citizens from the Concarneau area and Ifremer researchers. KOSMOS is the open source successor to the STAVIRO and MICADO systems developed and used by Ifremer since 2007. These systems include a camera capable of filming a panorama by means of a sequence of 6 shots of 30 seconds of 60° each.

            The objective of these video samplings is to count the fish living near the bottom and to describe their habitat. This technique has a minimal impact on the observed environment and allows for multiple observations due to its rapid deployment. KOSMOS was designed at the FabLab in Concarneau, and is intended to be open source and replicable with the resources of a fab lab. We are also looking to disseminate the technique to enable monitoring of underwater ecosystems either in participatory mode or by scientists.

            Our need is to identify and initiate the development of a means of processing the video data that will be produced both in research programmes and in participatory research.

            Today, images are processed visually by analysts. We would like to move towards automating the most recurrent and/or time-consuming tasks, in order to facilitate the work of the researchers but also to enhance the value of the contributors' participation by offering them rapid feedback

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • A Web App or algorithm
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Ecology
            Image processing
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