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      • BRE02 - Citizen science for fish and coral monitoring

          • Thousands of divers observe the marine life all over the world every day.
            The same dive sites are visited every day, again and again.

            **What if we collected all these observations in a database?**

            If we do so, we could contribute to a better monitoring of the evolution of the species and provide data to scientists.
            And it could help raise awareness among recreational divers, whether they are beginners or seasoned divers.

            Most digital logbook apps are tedious and focus solely on technical dive data.
            But they forget about the people who dive to marvel. After the dive, we often meet enthusiastic divers looking for what they just saw in a fish identification book.

            We want to provide a user-friendly and rewarding mobile app that helps each diver save their memories by logging the fish and corals they have encountered, while feeding an open database used by scientists and conservationists.

            What fish? Where? When...?
            We could track fish presence, coral bleaching year after year, help forming better conservation strategies, and much more.

          • What the challenge owner would like to develop over 48h
          • A mobile phone app
          • Which skills the challenge owner is looking for
          • Marine Biologist
            Citizen Science Specialist
            UI Designer
            Illustrator (marine species)
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