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      • BRE01 - A game to understand the past of marine science and better manage the future of seas

          • Our aim is to create a digital and educational card game inspired of the game Timeline (Asmodée). It will allow the general public to discover in a fun and attractive way the history of hydrography and nautical charts. This topic concerns many activities full of discoveries and famous personalities, such as bathymetry, geophysical and positioning support and data acquisition, cartography, navigation, study of sea beds....

            The game will be designed for a single player. He·She has to arrange all his cards by chronological order. Each one describes a particular event. On their front and back, we find a short description of the event under an illustration or a photograph. On the back side, the corresponding date is indicated in addition to other information.

            Several options could be considered :

            • Game over a given time with an illimited number of cards;
            • Game over an almost unlimited amount of time with a given number of cards;
            • Various degrees of difficulty or version for adults or children;
            • Adding new personalized cards about the item of marine science.

            This game may have an interest for organizations opened to the public such as aquariums, museums and exhibitions about the sea (e.g. Océanopolis). It can also be a tool for communicating about institutes such as Shom (Service hydrographique et océanographie de la Marine) which assumes the responsability of produce and update nautical charts in France and which has many expertise in numerous activities presented in the game.

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            Marine scientist
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