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      • Wasaa Academy 2020 - Australian students in Brest

      • 34 Australian students attended the second Wasaa Academy (Western Alliance for Scientific Actions with Australia) from 13 to 31 January 2020. The Wasaa Academy is a consortium of six institutions including Ensta Bretagne, Enib, UBO, the French Naval Academy, IMT Atlantic and UBS.
      • Wasaa Academy 2020 - Australian students in Brest
      • This programme aims to introduce Australian students to the various universities and colleges of higher education in Brittany in the field of science.

        For three weeks, students attended scientific courses in the following themes: artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, communication systems, human factors as well as French and interculturality courses. At the end, they presented in team a research project.

        Visits to partner structures such as: Thales, the FabLab of the UBO, Naval Group and the Ecole Navale were also on the programme. Finally, during the Wasaa Academy, students had the opportunity to discover the region through cultural visits, which were particularly appreciated.

        The aim of this programme is to promote exchanges between Australia and France and to encourage Australian students to come and pursue their higher education in Brittany through an internship, a master's degree or even a doctorate.


        Article written by Léna Rauturier

        > and See you from 12 to 16 October for Sea Tech Week. The featured country of  this event will be Australia.

      • Published on 03/02/2020
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