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      • Video: Webinar Satellite data for Ocean Hackathon®

      • Ocean Hackathon® mobilizes each year many data sets of all types (bathymetry, habitats, activities ...) made available to teams who tackle challenges. In order to develop the use of satellite data during Ocean Hackathon® 2020 and generate new ideas for challenges, a webinar was organized on June 17th, in partnership with the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, GIS BRETel and ESA BIC Nord-France. The call for challenge is open until July 7th!
      • Talks:

        • Presentation of Ocean Hackathon® 2020 and call for challenges (Juliette Rimetz-Planchon, Ocean Hackathon® Coordinator at Campus mondial de la mer)
        • Introduction to remote sensing of the Ocean (Oscar Vergara, Research and Development Engineer at CLS, and Audrey Hasson, CNRS Researcher for ESA)
        • Available data sets on the CMEMS portal and how to access them (Corinne Derval, Product manager of the Copernicus Marine Service, Department Services & Uptake, Mercator Ocean International)
        • Usable data and their applications (Fabien Lefèvre, Head of Ocean & Climate Division at CLS)
        • Presentation of CNES interventions through Connect by CNES (Eric Brel, Expert in applications and services at CNES)


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      • Published on 18/06/2020
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