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      • The Ocean Hackathon® Méxican team pitches during the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum

      • In February on the occasion of the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum, Juan C. Toledo, researcher at UNAM (National Autonomous University) in Mexico presented the project "Improving satellite monitoring of Sargassum in the Carabbean" developed during Ocean Hackathon® 2019.
      • Juan C. Toledo at the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum

        The All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum brought together political leaders, researchers, industrialists, young ambassadors and inspirational speakers from countries bordering the Atlantic, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, to showcase the results of cooperation and its impact on citizens living on the Atlantic side.

        This opportunity was made possible by Sigi Gruber, in charge of marine resources at the European Commission's DG Research and Innovation, and member of the jury for the Ocean Hackathon® 2019 final.

        Juan C. Toledo says: "During these two days (5 and 6 February), the Forum was mainly conducted around collective discussions and round tables on specific themes. Before the round tables, some people were invited to present in 5 minutes specific projects and solutions connected to the Atlantic". It was at this point that the project "Improving satellite monitoring of Sargassum in the Carabbean" was presented.

        "My strict 5-minute participation preceded the round table "A Pollution-Free Atlantic Ocean" (even if Sargassum is not precisely a form of pollution, there are similarities in the way coastal communities are affected)", continues Juan. Although the presentation was similar to the one presented in the final, Juan insisted on the political and social aspects: "the problem of sargasso is regional (undoubtedly connected with the Atlantic) and solving it must involve a concerted effort by all the countries of the Atlantic alliances (the Forum is precisely the place where they meet)".

        Juan explained how "the organizations of the Government of Mexico are facing this problem today using satellite data" and stressed "the importance of Machine Learning to make new analyses of the data. Better detection of sargasso will be fundamental to understand the problem from a scientific point of view and to find a long-term solution".

        Juan also took the opportunity to explain what Ocean Hackathon® is. "I have noticed the importance of initiatives like the Ocean Hackathon® to connect citizens with the oceans, not only as a communication but as a way to actively involve them in finding new solutions", concludes Juan.

        As a reminder, the call for applications to host Ocean Hackathon® in 2020 in your city is open!

      • Published on 20/02/2020
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