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      • The Marine Test Center, a new access to the sea

      • Scientists and industrialists wishing to develop their R&D and carry out sea trials can now benefit from the resources and expertise of Sercel's Marine Test Center based in Lorient.
      • The Marine Test Center, a new access to the sea
      • The opening to the outside of a large group

        Until 2019, CGG - a group specialising in geosciences - was developing its products at the former Lorient submarine base. This base was then transferred to Sercel, CGG's equipment division, which, in partnership with Serenmar (Ship As A Service), is now offering to open up its testing and exploration resources to new customers and partners.
        The Marine Test Center thus has direct access to the sea, permanent workboats, dedicated docks connected to a laboratory, as well as a wide range of instruments.
        The Marine Test Center also offers expertise in acoustic communication and maritime services for the testing, qualification and validation of your equipment at sea.

        Consult the resources and services of the Marine Test Center and Sercel Underwater Acoustics on the marine research infrastructures and equipment portal

        In addition to the services offered by the Marine Test Center, Sercel Underwater Acoustics (based in Brest) offers a range of equipment dedicated to tests, analyses and calibrations in the field of acoustics with applications for oceanographic engineering, the scientific community, the military and para-petroleum sectors:

        Marine research infrastructures and facilities portal
      • Published on 02/10/2020
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