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      • The Campus mondial de la mer becomes a cooperative member of EurOcean

      • The Campus mondial de la mer strengthens its links in Europe by signing a memorandum of understanding with EurOcean.
      • The Campus mondial de la mer becomes a cooperative member of EurOcean
      • EurOcean, a European network for marine science and technology

        EurOcean logo

        EurOcean is the European Centre for Information in Marine Science and Technology. It is an independent network of leading marine research organisations - Ifremer being one of the founding members - and European innovation networks. Its objective is to facilitate the exchange of information and the provision of value-added products in the field of marine science and technology between a wide range of governmental and non-governmental organizations. EurOcean actively participates in projects and initiatives funded by Europe to promote the blue society and the implementation of the European Maritime Policy.

        Cooperation initiated on the subject of marine research infrastructures

        When the Campus mondial de la mer began its work on research infrastructures in 2017, the work carried out during the European CSA Oceans 1 and 2 projects (of which Ifremer was a partner) constituted a reference on the methodological aspect. CSA Oceans data are now valued and updated in the EurOcean marine research infrastructure database. They form an information base for the census work carried out for the portal on marine research infrastructure and equipment.

        Fostering cooperation among our members

        The Campus mondial de la mer and EurOcean signed a memorandum of understanding in November to promote synergies on our common interests. EurOcean is currently implementing its new strategic plan for 2019-2025, including the organisation of workshops dedicated to researchers and innovation stakeholders as part of the EurOcean Skills programme. The Campus mondial de la mer will support these new initiatives by relaying them to the Campus community, contributing to their organisation or participating in them to promote exchanges at European level.

        In order to get to know the Campus better, Sergio Bryton, EurOcean's Executive Director, was present at the Foresight and Strategic Orientation Council meeting held on 11 December, 2019. The next day, he was able to give his vision on the adapted approach to increase the Campus' visibility on the international scene during the 2nd round table organized during the assembly. The cooperation with EurOcean is certainly an important step!

        Second round table of the Campus Assembly © Sébastien Durand
        Second round table on the influence of the Campus community at the Assembly on 12 December 2019 with, from left to right: Matthieu Gallou, President of the UBO, Sheldon Ryan, Coordinator of the South Coast Marine Cluster, Sérgio Bryton, Executive Director of EurOcean, Sigolène Brun, Mayor of the Village by CA Finistère and Gilles Lericolais, Chairman of the European Marine Board. © Sébastien Durand
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        EurOcean website

        EurOcean website

        EurOcean Skills #1

        EurOcean Skills #1

      • Published on 18/12/2019
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