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      • Polymaris Biotechnology acquires a pilot production line for bioplastics

      • Microorganism fermentation is Polymaris Biotechnology’s core business. The company is taking innovation to a new level by acquiring the only pilot bioplastic production line in France.
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        Expertise in marine biopolymers

        Polymaris biotechnology

        For over a decade, Polymaris Biotechnology has been well known for its collection of marine microorganisms, obtained from the Breton coastline and on oceanographic missions. The fermentation processes developed by the company can be applied to all types of marine and non-marine bacteria to produce complex sugar molecules known as exopolysaccharides.

        Multiple applications

        These biopolymers possess multiple physicochemical and/or biological properties which have been developed by Polymaris Biotechnology for the health sector and the cosmetics sector – including under the brand name Phytomer as part of the POLY-MER project, officially recognised by the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster. More recently, the company has worked with the ENGIE Group to exploit the antifouling properties of polysaccharides, which prevent the formation of biofilms. Seawater pipelines were used to explore the impact of this technology which has now been patented.

        A pilot bioplastic production line

        Alternatives to oil-based plastics are now highly sought after. This is despite biodegradable plastics (PHAs) having been around since the 1970s. Several laboratories are currently capable of producing a few grams  of bioplastics. Polymaris Biotechnology’s strength lies in its capacity to produce up to 30,000 litres. The company is now investing in acquiring a production line with a range of plant, including a large-capacity fermenter and a spray dryer, both of which were added to the Marine Research Infrastructures and Facilities Portal this month. The production line places Polymaris Biotechnology in a unique position as regards the industrial scaling up of compostable plastics in France.

        The company was invited to La Villette exhibition centre in Paris on 23 October for this year’s Biomim’Expo, where it unveiled its pilot production line and positioned itself uniquely at the forefront of scaling up the bioplastic production process in France. Given the strong demand for bioplastics in society and their many potential applications, Polymaris Biotechnology will work on market placement of its product in 2020.

        Facilities for researchers and companies

        Companies and research teams interested in the analytics platform and/or fermentation and spray-drying capacities at Polymaris Biotechnology are invited to consult the Marine Research Infrastructures and Facilities Portal to see the services it offers:

      • Published on 26/11/2019
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