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      • New on the portal: the Lipidocéan platform

      • This month, find a shared platform from the European Institute for Marine Studies on the marine research infrastructures and facilities portal.
      • New on the portal: the Lipidocéan platform
      • The expertise of the platform: analysis of marine lipids in all their complexity

        Lipidocéan was built over 25 years by bringing together experts from marine biology and analytical chemistry.  This analytical platform makes it possible to separate, identify and quantify different types of lipids by the combination of different chromatographic techniques.

        Lipids can be analyzed in all their diversity and complexity, even in trace amounts, and in different marine matrices: animals, plants, single- and multi-cellular organisms, seawater, industrial co-products, ...

        The platform therefore makes it possible to determine the lipid composition of marine organisms (for example omega 3 acids or phospholipids) and to better understand the physiological mechanisms which regulate it.  

        Thus, the fields of application are varied, from cell physiology to ecology, including biotechnologies.

        A platform open to collaborations

        Logo Lipidocean

        Lipidocéan supports the LEMAR teams, but also welcomes a large number of external public research partners in France and abroad, for example in the context of research projects on the trophic functioning of marine ecosystems (synthesis capacities and transfer of omega 3) or the impact of environmental stress on marine organisms (micro- and nanoplastics, acidification, ...).

        The platform can also work in complementarity with other IUEM platforms on joint projects… this is notably the case with Biodimar, via LABCOM Biotechlag (recovery of microalgae) or the ANR Save-C project (study pelagic sargassum: development and ecological and physiological monitoring on the Caribbean coasts), and with the PSO stable isotope platform for the development of a method of analysis of stable isotopes on specific compounds (CSIA) by GC-c- IRMS.

        Today about one-third of the platform's activity is devoted to R&D projects in collaboration with the private sector. Some examples :

        • FUI Brain Booster (Diana PetFood, Abyss Ingredients, Chancerelle, Nutrineuro, LEMAR): development of innovative health ingredients, scientifically and clinically objectified in the nutraceutical and petfood markets, especially for the aging segment.
        • INTERREG ALG-AD (several European partners including LEMAR, ANSES and COOPERL): Creating value from waste nutrients by integrating algal and anaerobic digestion technology
      • Published on 19/12/2019
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