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      • New on the portal: CG-WIRELESS company laboratories

      • CG-WIRELESS develops radio frequency electronic products, relying in particular on collaborations with university research laboratories in the Campus community. Its set of equipment and facilities are now described in the Marine research infrastructures and facilities portal.
      • New on the portal: CG-WIRELESS company laboratories
      • CG-Wireless expertise

        CG-WIRELESS is a company based in Brittany composed of a multidisciplinary team of engineers specialised in radio design and engineers specialised in real-time embedded software. Its teams include precursors in wireless network technologies such as zigbee technology, being among the first to develop demonstrators in Europe in 2003.
        CG-WIRELESS was also among the first to develop "long distance" radio solutions using technologies such as SigFox or LoRa 2013.

        Today CG-WIRELESS continues to develop products using the latest radio technologies such as UWB technologies for precision localisation and the new NB-IOt and LTE-M operated communication standards.

        Current developments are also focused on the use of components and techniques to create ultra-low consumption objects and the realisation of secure transmissions by adding electronic "safes" and the use of encryption algorithms.
        CG-WIRELESS is also conducting research in conjunction with university research laboratories such as Lab-STICC and IRISA to optimise radio links by using predictive algorithms to analyse the environment in order to improve the quality of radio links in difficult environments and also to minimise the consumption of sensors in order to create objects using "Energy Harvesting".

        Laboratories and services offered

        CG-WIRELESS provides access to its Laboratory equipped with the latest generation of radio frequency measuring equipment, to develop or characterise electronic boards or radio frequency products.  Note that this company is approved for research tax credit (French CIR) and innovation tax credit (French CII).


      • Published on 03/11/2020
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