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      • Grand Finale Ocean Hackathon® 2020: discover who the winners are

      • On December 4th was organised the Grand Finale of Ocean Hackathon® 2020. 11 teams presented their projects. A Webinar of nearly half past two hours with a succession of presentation of the cities involved in the event, pitches of the tems and interludes for more interactivity with the audience. An intense moment for the jury, which had the heavy task of scoring the projects live. And the winners are...
      • Grand Finale Ocean Hackathon® 2020: discover who the winners are
      • Third place on the podium: Split (Croatia)

        The project "Advanced mooring in marinas" was presented live by Josip Marasović et Tomas Pinjušić, on behalf the whole team also composed of Zvonko Jelačić, Josip Baumgartner, Neno Židić, Ivan Samardžić and Petar Perković.

        The project:

        The team developed a prototype of hardware and software solution and web application for advanced mooring in marinas that will enable every marina, harbor or port to achieve much better efficiency. The software to map every possible space for mooring of yachts, sailboats, powerboats, etc. and to put those places online so everybody can see available and reserved positions, make their own reservation and be totally worry-free while sailing to the final destination. Hardware addon of the system is connected to the IT reservations system and enables reservation for each possible position in every harbor / marine so that every sailor which enters that marine will know exactly which spot is taken and what reserved space is his. Furthermore, the IT solution on the website has a map which leads the skipper directly to his reservation space.

        Winning team from Split

        Second place on the podium: México (Mexico)

        The project "Carbón ¡Oh no!"was presented live by Cristopher Foster Velázquez,on behalf the whole team also composed of Maru Bernal, José López, Karen Álvarez, Miriam Álvarez, Ismael Contreras, Luis Canales, Sara del Rió and Adrián Acevedo.

        The project:

        Despite its relevance and fragility, sea grass beds are one of the least protected coastal ecosystems on the planet. The "Carbón ¡Oh no!" team has generated a model based on artificial intelligence, capable of detecting, from Landsat satellite images, changes in the coverage of sea grass beds in the Los Petenes Biosphere Reserve (Campeche, Mexico). The purpose of this tool is to estimate the quantity of carbon sequestered by these organisms, translate it into carbon credits and express its value in dollars. The aim of the project is thus to make visible the economic and biological importance of this ecosystem, as well as the urgent need to preserve it because of its potential to mitigate climate change.

        Winning team from Mexico

        First place on the podium: Ancona (Italy)

        The project "How do invasive species spread? Animating raw data to communicate invasion histories" was presented live by Ernesto Azzurro, on behalf the whole team also composed of Antonino Milana, Luca Bolognini and Gerardo Pizzuti.

        The project:

        A challenge to analyze and communicate one of the greatest changes of our time: that of the spread of invasive species in our seas. In just 48 hours, a team of four Italian researchers leaded by CNR-IRBIM Ancona, reconstructed over a century of invasion, animating historical observations collected by scientists all over the Mediterranean Sea. Reports from other sources, such as social networks and citizen science were used as well.
        The work of these hackathoners allows us to visualize the extent of these changes and their impact on coastal ecosystems, with interesting predictive applications

        Winning team from Ancona

        Special Prize from the French Minstry of the Sea: La Rochelle (France)

        The project "App for maritime navigation" was presented live by Yann-Treden Tranchant, on behalf the whole team also composed of Arthur Coquereau, Corentin Barataud and Clément Parpaillon.

        The project:

        Knowing the depth at all times under your boat is a precious piece of information for pleasure boating, whether for leisure (fishing, ...) or to compare the depth with your draught. However, for economic reasons, many boats do not have a depth sounder (day cruising or light sailing for example). The objective of this mobile application is to offer an alternative to the use of the depth sounder, free and easy to use. The aim is to provide navigators with information on the depth and tidal current where they are in the Pertuis. A water height prediction is made thanks to the GPS position of the smartphone, in real time. This prediction is based on the use of a regional tidal atlas, itself elaborated thanks to a hydrodynamic model developed within the framework of a thesis carried out at the Laboratoire LIENSs (University of La Rochelle).

        Winning team from La Rochelle


        The organisers of Ocean Hackathon® thank the high-level jury which scored the projects, the Ambassadors and the Frech Minstry of the Sea for offering the prizes, the local advisers for their involvment and enthusiasm to organise the event in their cities, and of course all the teams participating to the 5th edition of Ocean Hackathon®.

        Heading for 2021

        Save the date now on about the 6th edition of Ocean Hackathon®, which will be held from 5th to 7th November 2021 in Brest and in other cities all over the World. The call for hosting the event in your city will be open in January.

        Ocean Hackathon® 2021 poster

        Ocean Hackathon® is one of the actions coordinated by the Campus mondial de la mer, driven by Technopôle Brest-iroise and funded by Brest métropole and the Brittany Region. Ocean Hackathon® is also supported by its Ambassadors and rely on the local advisers, which organise the event in their city.

      • Published on 11/12/2020
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